Fast and Furious Stir Fry

chicken mushroom broccoli stir fry

chicken mushroom broccoli stir fry

Ok, those of you who play golf will be familiar with a rescue club. The one club that gets you out of a bad lye or knock it down (if you play like me)…

Well this stir fry is my rescue club in the kitchen.

If I’m running late and under pressure for time but need to get some hot grub on the table fast – remember no take aways!

Kids love it and it’s healthy and substantial too!

Heat the wok up  (to max heat). Chop up the meat into strips. (chicken is perfect)

Chop up some mushrooms red onions/spring onions broccoli twigs

Now add in a half a desert spoon of coconut oil ( best for stir frys)

Throw in the chicken after about 2 mins sprinkle in about 1 teaspoon of Chinese 5 spice and the same amount of lazy garlic.

Now throw in the chopped veg add in some some Soy sauce (about 2 desert spoons)

Finally if you think your hard enough add a quarter teaspoon of potent lazy Chili!

You done now enjoy with some basmati rice

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