Bar B Quickies

Hi guys

Its that bar-b-q time of year again folks and the real signal that summer is on its way…
Right dust off the bar-b-q and roll it out into the back garden get the gloves on and get scrubbing… Use a good strong brush so and pick up a good bar-b-q cleaner at your local diy store.

Here are a few quick marinades for any chicken you are cooking on the bar-b-q. Like all marinades they need the meat to rest in a fridge for at least 4 hours to really get the flavours into the meat.

Classic Honey and mustard

Simplest of all of them…. just add some runny honey onto the chicken then mix in some full wholegrain mustard (I like the whiskey and whole grain mustard by Lakeshore…and you done. Wrap them in tin foil to prevent the honey blackening the meat before its fully cooked. (works great on sausages also bye the way)

Franks & Ketchup

Yep why not have em together ? Just mix 3 times the Franks Hot Sauce to -1 time ketchup add a teaspoon of smoked paprika and you will be hooked

Whiskey Sour Chicken (I don’t even like whiskey…Honest!)

Juice from 2 Lemons, thumb size ginger, desert spoon of honey- 1 shot/two caps of whiskey (optional add some lazy chili from the jar to heat it up)

Barbcue Chicken Marinated

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