Kids can learn a lot of life skills being involved in team sports. Forming a collective effort to achieve something together.

It’s not the team with the best players that win. It’s the players with the best team that wins!!!

Team Sports are great!

Antonio Conte leads Chelsea to the league title

Conte leads Chelsea to title

Chelsea win the premier league 2017

Credit where credit is due. Antonio Conte is a like-able character and has led Chelsea to a league title in his first year at the club. Conte has transformed a team and restructured their formation particularly at the back where he played 3 central defenders and 2 wing backs. A big move away from Chelsea’s traditional 4 at back formation.

Now Conte will reep the rewards for his bold tactical move earlier this season according to Matt Law in the Telegraph.

Roman Abramovich is poised to make Antonio Conte the highest paid manager in Chelsea’s history and bankroll a £200million summer spend as reward for winning the Premier League title.

Bar B Quickies

Hi guys

Its that bar-b-q time of year again folks and the real signal that summer is on its way…
Right dust off the bar-b-q and roll it out into the back garden get the gloves on and get scrubbing… Use a good strong brush so and pick up a good bar-b-q cleaner at your local diy store.

Here are a few quick marinades for any chicken you are cooking on the bar-b-q. Like all marinades they need the meat to rest in a fridge for at least 4 hours to really get the flavours into the meat.

Classic Honey and mustard

Simplest of all of them…. just add some runny honey onto the chicken then mix in some full wholegrain mustard (I like the whiskey and whole grain mustard by Lakeshore…and you done. Wrap them in tin foil to prevent the honey blackening the meat before its fully cooked. (works great on sausages also bye the way)

Franks & Ketchup

Yep why not have em together ? Just mix 3 times the Franks Hot Sauce to -1 time ketchup add a teaspoon of smoked paprika and you will be hooked

Whiskey Sour Chicken (I don’t even like whiskey…Honest!)

Juice from 2 Lemons, thumb size ginger, desert spoon of honey- 1 shot/two caps of whiskey (optional add some lazy chili from the jar to heat it up)

Barbcue Chicken Marinated

Mens Shed Pizza

lamb kebab pizza

lamb kebab pizza

Wow, this ticks all the boxes…

So the name comes from the gang of 16 lads I play tennis with every Thursday. Well I say play tennis with but actually its more of an excuse to pop out for one or two beers to be honest. No Thursday would be complete without the obligatory pizza served up by the friendly guys behind the bar. It has been mentioned that the ultimate pizza would be a kebab pizza. So I tried this out and yep I reckon it is indeed the ultimate pizza !

Buy a fresh pizza dough prepared to bake in the oven most supermarkets have them.

Roll it out according to the packets instructions and let it relax.

Fry 150 grams of lamb mince with some lazy garlic until cooked through (10 mins max)

Get your smallest pot and gradually heat a table spoon of harissa paste or use a mix of 1 tea spoon of smoked paprika, 1 of chilli powder and half tea spoon of cumin powder all together.(no oil needed). Pour 300 mls of tomato passata into the pot add a pinch of salt and stir well.

Using a dessert spoon slowly pour the the spicy sauce onto the pizza base.

Now throw on the minced lamb.

Add some chopped red onions and green peppers.

For the garlic sauce finely chop 3 garlic cloves add to some 3 desert spoons of natural yogurt and a teaspoon of olive oil and blend all together with a half a fist full of chopped herbs (parsley is best). Now splash it all over the pizza to your taste.

Bang! There ya go. Mens Shed Pizza….


favourite snack

Whats your favourite snack?

Hi Guys

Just interested to know what you all love tucking into when you are looking for a snack?

Why don’t you let me know and I will see if I can come up with an improved version that you would like…Ya never know.

So please respond.


Whats your favourite snack ?

Fast and Furious Stir Fry

chicken mushroom broccoli stir fry

chicken mushroom broccoli stir fry

Ok, those of you who play golf will be familiar with a rescue club. The one club that gets you out of a bad lye or knock it down (if you play like me)…

Well this stir fry is my rescue club in the kitchen.

If I’m running late and under pressure for time but need to get some hot grub on the table fast – remember no take aways!

Kids love it and it’s healthy and substantial too!

Heat the wok up  (to max heat). Chop up the meat into strips. (chicken is perfect)

Chop up some mushrooms red onions/spring onions broccoli twigs

Now add in a half a desert spoon of coconut oil ( best for stir frys)

Throw in the chicken after about 2 mins sprinkle in about 1 teaspoon of Chinese 5 spice and the same amount of lazy garlic.

Now throw in the chopped veg add in some some Soy sauce (about 2 desert spoons)

Finally if you think your hard enough add a quarter teaspoon of potent lazy Chili!

You done now enjoy with some basmati rice