Team Sports are great!

Kids can learn a lot of life skills being involved in team sports. Forming a collective effort to achieve something together.

It’s not the team with the best players that win. It’s the players with the best team that wins!!!

Antonio Conte leads Chelsea to the league title

Conte leads Chelsea to title

Chelsea win the premier league 2017

Credit where credit is due. Antonio Conte is a like-able character and has led Chelsea to a league title in his first year at the club. Conte has transformed a team and restructured their formation particularly at the back where he played 3 central defenders and 2 wing backs. A big move away from Chelsea’s traditional 4 at back formation.

Now Conte will reep the rewards for his bold tactical move earlier this season according to Matt Law in the Telegraph.

Roman Abramovich is poised to make Antonio Conte the highest paid manager in Chelsea’s history and bankroll a £200million summer spend as reward for winning the Premier League title.

Top Ten Kitchen Things!



  1. My mini blitzer
  2. Tefal Frying pan
  3. Pepper grinder
  4. Cheese grater
  5. Small frying pan (5inch diameter)
  6. Big mixing bowl
  7. Old plastic measuring jug
  8. Wooden Spoon
  9. Perforated oven tray
  10. Tea bag picker (I use it for a tongs)

Butchers Review

Smyths butcher

Great offer from Smyths

Just popped into our local butchers Smyths in Portmarnock village.

Wow I was impressed with the selection he has a the minute. There’s great value here too. I like the training pack they do, if your’e gonna go for it and loose a few pounds.

Check them out online also…. They deliver 3 days a week too…